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Hit of the season - Ladora door
Hit of the season - Ladora door model 2/15 in elegant "Cappuccino" decor - now available in St. Petersburg for 4150 rubles *!
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Ladora Door, Quadro collection, model 2/15, color - "cappuccino", quality - excellent.
Material: high quality MDF board of domestic production, ecoveneer paneling, white matt glass.
! MDF (fine fraction) is an eco-friendly material, which safety is confirmed by numerous studies, quality control and certificates.
! Ecoveneer is an eco-friendly coating, visually and tactilely replicating the wooden texture. Strong and durable, it is virtually indistinguishable from natural wood.

How much?
For 4150 rubles you can buy an interior door, meeting the highest technological standards and complying with the latest trends in interior design.

Choose the convenient store in St. Petersburg: Nevadoor network, "K-Rauta", "Domovoy", "Maxidom" are waiting for you from November 1, 2015!
And what about the manufacturer?
Ladora interior doors are manufactured by the St. Petersburg company JSC "Lesplitinvest". Due to the optimized manufacturing system of raw material - MDF boards – the door production cost is greatly reduced, which allows to invest maximum effort and resources in product quality and design projects, ensuring compliance with the global trends in interior design.

Why do you need a simple door, if you have Ladora?
* The price is for one leaf inclusive of all the discounts.
About company  more info
JSC “LESPLITINVEST” is a member of the “Soyuz” Industrial Group and is one of Russia’s largest manufacturers of MDF boards, separation doors and wood mouldings made of MDF. Our production unit is located in the town of Priozersk in the Leningrad region. 
Our continuously growing production capabilities enable us to annually produce the following:

• 350000 door units
• 10800 linear meters of wood mouldings
• 120000 m3 of MDF boards
• more than 110 000 m3 of sawn timber (finished product).

We have more than 35000 m2 of production and more than 20000m2 of storage space, which correspond to the latest requirements and guarantee the safe storage of products. All our products are produced using latest equipment manufactured by world leading manufacturers, who use high quality raw materials and parts. 

We use “Siempelkamp” (Germany) macjinery for the production of MDF boards.
This equipment includes continuous press “Conti Roll”; “Imal” (Italy); “Steinemann” (Switzerland); “Sprout-Bauer” (Germany); “GreCon” (Germany). For the production of door panels and wood mouldings, we use the following machinery: Paul Hydromat, Powermat, Barberan, Friz, Hardo, Combima, IMA FBA, Koch, Spiror, Robatech, CPC, Stegherr.

The use of latest production technologies in the manufacturing of materials and products provides for higher compatibility of our products, thanks to the breadth of production capabilities. Keeping track of market trends, our company continuously broadens its product range with new types, models and styles of products.

In 2015, a sawmill wood processing complex OJSC "Lesplitinvest" was launched – domestic production of sawn timber and technological chips implemented in the framework of an integrated development strategy for woodworking companies, members of the industrial group "Soyuz".