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LMDF Board

LMDF - is an ideal eco-material for making cabinet furniture and wooden facades. The availability, reliability, safety, perfect antibacterial and sound-proofing properties, as well as the absence of natural defects of solid wood, make the LMDF boards popular in many fields of use. The capacity to deep cut or mould, finishing with various materials and paints are also the advantages of this material.

The production method is based on MDF lamination from one or two sides. The coating could be monochrome or with wooden decoration, depending on what customer needs. Moreover, the material has the simple mechanical conversion.

  • cutting,
  • drilling, 
  • milling, 
  • Painting and lacquer coating, 
  • Finishing using veneer plastic etc.

Application of LMDF:

ЛМДФ фасады1.jpgЛМДФ 2.png
Production of furniture facadesManufacturing of furniture
(cabinet, kitchen, office, non-standard,
bathroom furniture, commercial equipment)

Areas of use10mm16mm18mm
Manufacturing of furniture (cabinet, kitchen, office, children’s and non-standard, bathroom furniture, commercial equipment). **
Drawer bottoms and rear cupboard walls.**
Production of furniture facades for PVC, veneer and paint finish **
Partitions within office and residential premises, making arches, columns and other elements of interior.***
Production of furniture for furnishing warehouses and points of sale (making racks, shelves, counters, secondary structures, displays and wall coating).
Advertisement-boards, signboards and display structures.**