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MDF board


The “LESPLITINVEST” MDF board is an ideal material for making furniture and wooden facades, wood mouldings and separation doors. The capacity to deep cut or mould, finishing with various materials and paints, as well as the absence of natural defects of solid wood, make the MDF boards popular in many fields of use. 

The MDF boards are manufactured using unique technologies. Thanks to the R&D conducted by “LESPLITINVEST” experts, our MDF boards have necessary mechanical properties and are sold at competitive rates. 
The production method is based on the mixing, in certain proportions, of especially prepared lumber, from hard wood, with resins and strict adherence to technological methods all through the “hot” and “cold” processing.


  • Cutting 
  • Drilling 
  • Milling 
  • Grinding 
  • Painting and lacquer coating 
  • Lamination and caching 
  • Finishing using veneer plastic etc.


фасады мдф - кухня 
Production of case goods,
kitchen furniture and office furniture,
non-standard furniture
and commercial equipment.

мебельные фасады из мдф  
 Production of furniture facades.
двери из мдф   
Manufacturing of separation doors.

дверной погонаж из мдф   
Production of mouldings for doors.

Areas of use10мм16мм18мм22мм24мм28мм30мм
Manufacturing of furniture (cabinet, kitchen, office, children’s and non-standard, bathroom furniture, commercial equipment). 

Drawer bottoms and rear cupboard walls.
Wood mouldings for furniture (profiles, frame parts for facades etc.)**
Production of furniture facades for PVC, veneer and paint finish.**
Production of table tops and window panes.***
Wood mouldings for construction (plinth, rods, floor mouldings, fillets, apron lining, plinth flashings, etc.).*******
Production of separation doors with decorative relief and door mouldings.**
Production of doors (to be finished with decorative film, veneer or paint; metallic doors with MDF filler; outside doors with MDF sheathing).*****
Partitions within office and residential premises, making arches, columns and other elements of interior.***
Production of furniture for furnishing warehouses and points of sale (making racks, shelves, counters, secondary structures, displays and wall coating).**
Levelling of walls and their preparation for finishing.**
Heat and soundproofing. ***
Roof sheathing in homes and secondary coating for heat insulation of ceilings.***
Warehouse packaging, reusable tare for non-food goods.**
Steps, railings and stair posts for indoor staircases, seats and racks.****
Used for construction of cottages and multi-apartment buildings.***
Erection of mobile and trailers, seller’s trolleys, check post booths (finishing of interior walls and ceilings, partitions and built-in furniture). **
Rail car and automobile making (used as interior finishing in railway cars, streetcars, buses and trucks).*
Advertisement-boards, signboards and display structures.**