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“Ego” series – doors, comprising of single piece triplex glass sheet and wooden frame covering the glass from both sides. Triplex – it is a multi-layer glass, usually comprising of two or three layers joined to each other with a polymer film. Interior doors made of triplex glass are nearly unbreakable. However, if you do succeed in breaking it, the shattered glass will not be spread in all nooks and corners; on the contrary the pieces will stick to the joining film, which provides supplementary safety in usage. The wooden mouldings used to hold the glass and acting as the frame, are made of MDF and chipboard, with “eco-friendly veneer” coating (Just like the “Quadro” series doors).

The decorative eco-friendly veneer coating (polypropylene and CPL) provides: extra moisture resistance; impact-proofing and wear and tear resistance; resistance to abrasion and other mechanical influences; resistance to chemical substances and abrasives; ultraviolet resistance; resistance to contaminations.

The decorative coatings and door structures have:
  • Natural veneer effect (imitating natural wood texture and visual natural wood effect);
  • No end-joints (except for model 3/1), which helps avoid stratification and cracking of edges and elements;
  • Strength and homogeneity of door and wood moulding colour;
  • Ecological neutrality.
Despite its compactness, the “Ego” series is suitable for a broad range of design concepts: various types of glazing will enable you to visually expand the space inside the premises (model 3/3); medium size glazing is required for high-tech style interiors; and the doors with narrow translucent glass inserts (model 3/1), can be used as an alternative to solid doors.

Except for that you can order laser engraving on glass to suit specific interior ideas (model 3/3). This type of engraving provides for  the accuracy and high quality of the image or pattern, but most importantly engraving makes the image long-lasting, unlike other methods of image application.